Kar Gayi Chul!!!

So most of the Indian crowd knows this song and how Alia Bhatt gives us the perfect step for a stoner dance but not many know the meaning of ‘kar gayi chul’. The keeda to make it big is what every 20 something is thinking about.

Lately everyone around me is only talking about ‘Startups’, even my watchman talks about starting his own security agency. These days if you don’t have a unique idea or you dont have “plans of starting your own business” you are considered as an outsider. Almost all my friends want to be young entrepreneurs, make a hit business and earn big bucks but are we following the crowd by doing this?

I asked myself this question when I came across this guy from my workplace who is content with what he has, what he earns and what he wants. He is independent, about to get married and has a good job with a great pay but because everyone around him keeps talking about starting their own business even he wants to do something of his own. Maybe he always wanted to do this or maybe he got influenced by all the office talks but when I asked him why he wants to start his own thing? He gave me a bullshit answer “Kitne time naukri karu and yeh managers ka sunu”. (Why I am saying its bullshit, because he has a chilled manager, best rating in the team and he enjoys working). I knew it was peer pressure that is driving him to think in this direction. He just wants to fit in. Sometimes it’s not just the kids and teens who stumble because of the “hot trend” even adults fall for it.

Leading your own way and coming out of the bubble, following the trend of starting your own business like your peers and colleagues is not a bad thing but doing something because your best friend or your idol is doing it is not a healthy way to live. Its okay if you like working for someone, staying in the service sector and working 9 to 5. ITS OKAY. As long as you are happy with what you are doing, it’s completely okay.

A chocolate can be a treat for a beggar and a mere snack for you. Everyone has a different way of perceiving things in life. Not everything has to be done according to the trend that’s being followed.

All I want to say is have faith in yourself and don’t get carried away with someone else’s thoughts and dreams.

P.S. – Even I aspire to be an entrepreneur some day in the food or health sector. I don’t have an idea yet but I know that I am the kind of person who likes to be their own boss. So till then I am going to work as a corporate slave and gain experience, knowledge and build on my dreams but I have made a promise to myself that the day I get my inspiration to do something on my own, I am going to take that leap of faith and discover my potential.

Keep Dreaming! 🙂

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